I wouldn't be much of a mentor or champion of my clients if I didn't extend my care wherever I can. I remember once saying in an interview with a headhunter who asked what I wanted to do, "I just love working with people". He laughed and said that didn't mean anything. I wish I'd been quick enough at the time to explain why he was wrong, but I at least refused to take it off of my CV.

I do love working with, supporting, and getting to know people. It why I do what I do, and it's why I support the following causes regularly. 

Salvation Army

Black Minds Matter UK

Trussel Trust

"Jen’s advice was invaluable! I was experiencing some real barriers with my creative business and after our first call I already felt so much more hopeful and optimistic about the possibilities.


It wasn’t just that she was lovely and encouraging, her help was also practical and I went away with a clearer direction and understanding of how to get to where I needed to be.

Thanks to Jen it’s all beginning to feel within reach now."


I am now excited to be offering my proofreading, editing and writing services again, but focussed this time on supporting small businesses and creative freelancers. Hooray!


Finished your site copy but don't feel it sounds like you? Sick of wondering if you've used the right there/they're/their? Pop me a message below with a link to your site to arrange a free copy review. I'll get back to you within a few days to let you know how I can help.


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