What do you want for your business?

What do you want from your business?

When you run your own business, you need to be everything to everyone. It can be really easy to switch to autopilot and become completely reactive as we grab every opportunity that comes our way, ignoring signals and opportunities to rest and reflect. 


Suddenly we find we're attracting the wrong clients, offering things we don't really want to sell, and our health and happiness are somehow at the bottom of the list. 


Surviving on caffeine and sugar, working every spare hour of the day to make a profit, wondering why you wanted to work for yourself in the first place.

Take a Breath and Look Again

You wanted to work for yourself because you couldn't ignore the feeling that you were meant for more. Your ideas couldn't fit in the small box marked "hobbies" and you believed there was a better way to build a business that truly worked for you and your family. 


You're right, there is. It's just further away from the "hustle" a lot of people still stick a filter on and try and sell to you as a work/life balance.

I've tried it. They can keep it.

Let's Get Cyclical

My approach is not simply listening to your goals and working with you on a timeline. We dig deep.

I want to know what drives you, of course, and I want to know your plans and how they work within your reality.

But what I really want to work on together is how you are caring for yourself. Having a day free in your diary to get that big task ticked off the list is very different to having the mental and emotional capacity to focus and feel good about what you're producing. 

If you have a period, I'll introduce you to menstrual cycle awareness and support you in harnessing this incredible inner cycle for your benefit. Create when at your most creative, market and promote when at your most confident, rest when your energy turns inward.


If you don't have a period - you may be pregnant, menopausal, transgender, or taking hormonal contraceptives - then the lunar cycle can offer a way to find your rhythm and create a working pattern that supports you mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

"Jen went way above and beyond our planned mentoring goals and also helped me to address some health and hormone issues that I was going through.


In addition to her wonderful mentoring, her suggestions of menstrual tracking and nutritional therapy have made a huge difference to how I work on a day-to-day basis." 



90 Minute Brainstorm


A one-off call with follow up email support.

Untangle your thoughts, focus your energy, and move forward with intention.

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Six Calls | Three Months


Find your flow and realign your work and life. 

Longer term mentoring to launch or grow your business in a sustainable way.

Ten Calls | Six Months


Amazing value investment for long term support. 


Harness the power of natural cycles as you build a business that truly works for you.

We'll Click If...

  • You're about to launch or pivot your business and want to align everything so what you're building truly works for you.

  • You are ready to step into a new way of working. Less hustle, fewer late nights, more profit, more joy.

  • You work alone and need accountability and gentle support to keep moving forward.

  • You constantly question your own business decisions, struggle to say no, and comparison is getting you down.

  • Contributing to society, and using your business for good is important to you.

We're Not a Fit If...

  • You still believe in the hustle, happy to work all hours to feel productive and worthy.

  • You want to control your body and push through tears and tiredness to deliver.

  • You want a quick fix, or someone to do the work for you.

  • You're not ready to be honest about what you truly want from your business, and for yourself.

Ready For a New Way of Working?

Let's get an introductory call in the diary! It's free and doesn't commit you to anything further.

“The emails (and in particular the final one, which I hadn’t expected) were incredibly valuable to me. Jen has a real talent in seeing the big picture with such clarity - and then feeds it back very eloquently. The last email moved me to tears as I’d forgotten I’d said all that, but this message shot straight through to the truth of my situation. And that reminder of what we’d discussed lifted me back up again. Very grateful.”



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