Launched early in March just before the UK entered lockdown and an unprecedented time of anxiety, I nearly closed the group not longer after opening the door. 


I spoke honestly in the group about this and was greeted with the loveliest feedback and requests to keep it open. Members of the community said it was bringing them comfort to have this quiet corner of the internet, and living in tune with their bodies and nature felt more important than ever.


So open it stayed, and a calm corner it has remained. 


Each week I prompt the group to plan or create something in line with their energy. Using the lunar cycle as our common anchor, this community offers support and accountability to women building their own creative businesses. 

New Moon 

Rest, reflect, and set your intention for the next month


Waxing Moon

Create, collaborate, or begin something new

Full Moon

Network, launch new products/services and promote yourself!

Waning Moon

Slow down, gather feedback, organise and complete projects


Over and over my clients have told me that being freelance and/or working from home makes it hard to keep up momentum because you need someone there to hold you accountable. And I know because I'm in exactly the same boat! My dog is useless at keeping me in line, and my daughters are champion distracters. 

In the coming months I'll be encouraging members of the group to buddy up so you can cheer each other on and offer support, and of course I'll be right in there cheering along with you. This way we'll have a community of coworkers, working on similar plans, just a couple of clicks away!


I encourage you to listen to your body, as well as looking at external factors that could create obstacles. This is all about boosting your productivity, but creating your plans smack bang in the middle of reality so you can actually achieve what you set out to do.

Prompts and check ins are weekly, but if you're working on something big that will take longer, then there's no pressure to have "something to show" every week. This is about creating with intention and supporting one another, not rushing ideas out the door. I regularly create mini workbooks and printables for members of the group to work on at their own pace.

If this sounds like the support you need, you can request to join via the button below. We can't wait to welcome you!


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