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If someone had said to me ten years ago that one day I would not only know exactly what was going on with my seemingly irregular cycle, but I would also celebrate it and use it to boost my productivity, I'd have probably laughed nervously and backed away towards the nearest exit. "Yeah, ok crazy lady". That one day I'd be so comfortable and confident talking about the literal ins and outs of it that I'd find myself chatting about cervical fluid at the till point in Oliver Bonas (not uninvited, mind you - in an excited conversation full of questions and "ah ha's"). And yet, listening, reading and studying the amazing wisdom of women like Maisie Hill, Kate and Christiane Northrup, Alexandra Pope, and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, and beginning to track my cycle has shown me an entirely new way of looking at everything. My body, my hormones, my planning, my creativity, my energy - everything!



If you're new to menstrual cycle awareness and tracking you may think it's as simple as knowing when you'll ovulate if you want to get pregnant, and when you'll bleed if you want to avoid getting caught short when out and about. But it is so much more than that. Since I started charting my cycles I not only know why I felt the way I did last week, I also know how I'm likely to feel next week on any given day.

I can plan writing, creating content, pitching and speaking for when I know I'll be at my most confident and articulate.

Maybe I'll save myself the ticket money on that upcoming networking event if I know I'll actually be feeling fatigued, foggy and emotional.