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What do you want for your business?

What would you change? What would you stop? What would you do more of? 

How are you going to make sure that happens?

When you run your own business, you need to be everything to everyone. You're the designer, the creator, the marketing director, the IT whizz, the distribution handler, the tea maker... I could go on!


When we're bogged down in all that detail it can be really easy to fall down the rabbit hole as we grab every opportunity that comes our way. Suddenly we find we're attracting the wrong clients, offering things we don't really want to sell, and working every hour of the day to make a profit. So let's take a step back from the day-to-day, take a breath, and look again.


We'll gather as a small group around a large table in my bright and cosy garden studio. Calming music, comfy chairs and tasty snacks await you!

We'll start with a grounding exercise. Choose an item from the bowl in front of you - a collection of pebbles, feathers, and other natural flotsam - hold it in your hand, turning it this way and that. Breathe. Feel the weight and texture, and if you wish, write about it in the notebook in front of you.

Now, with your mind clear we'll take it in turns to introduce ourselves and our businesses.

This workshop will give you space to breathe, and a chance to look at your business as a whole entity.

I've worked with artists, designers, writers, event planners, mentors, therapists, and shop owners. I've worked with women completely overhauling their businesses, and mothers who finally have time to build something entirely new from scratch. Something for themselves I would love to work with you too.