"Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?"


I began building Silly Heart in 2018, knowing (from experience) that there was an easier way to run a small business than to work all hours, sell low, and risk burn out. 


I believe that our one precious life is just that. Why build a business for yourself that eats all of your time, that you feel guilty for not working on, and that doesn't pay your bills? Working constantly - no matter what you're doing - is not sustainable.

By working with natural cycles - menstrual, lunar, seasonal - I approach my business with purpose and no longer burn energy swimming against the tide. I create when at my most creative, network when at my most sociable, rest and reflect when my energy turns inward.

This small step of listening to and respecting my own body has been revolutionary. Trusting when it says I'm tired and can't write today, that trying to do so will end in frustration and poor content. Shedding the guilt, coming back to work the next day instead means I'm rested and popping with ideas. Something that would have taken me the whole day takes me an hour, and I'm on to the next thing, buzzing with success.

It works for me and it works for my clients.


I've mentored incredible women as they've teased dreams from their heads and into reality on a schedule that feels good. Exhausted mothers, rediscovering all of the magic they're capable of and finally carving out time for themselves. Creatives realising they don't have to work around the clock to support themselves full time.

"Jen went way above and beyond our planned mentoring goals and also helped me to address some health and hormone issues that I was going through. In addition to her wonderful mentoring, her suggestions of menstrual tracking and nutritional therapy have made a huge difference to how I work on a day-to-day basis." 




I've been running my own creative businesses for six years, and been a mother of twins for half that time (though some days it feels a lot longer)! I can safely say that I get the juggle, that I know tired (lord, do I know tired), and I understand the power of working in a sustainable and purposeful way that serves you. A way that truly fits around every day life, not just stuffed into the fringe hours. 

I thought it was good to be busy. "Busy" meant I was contributing, I didn't have to feel guilty, I was moving forwards, that I wasn't "just a mum". I thought, when I hit that wall, I could outsmart my body with caffeine and sugar and the right playlist. Just push through. Good god.

The truth of it is I was drained. My health, mental and physical, was flailing. One by one, I gave up different parts of my stationery business until it turned out the bit I was left with - running print workshops, my absolute joy - didn't bring in enough money alone. 

It was time for a whole new way of working. Less busy, more productive. Less 9-5 (or 7-11!), more cyclical working. Less haste, more joy.

So what about you? Ready to leave the old way of working behind?


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